From The Weekend.

Culver City

The amount of draft posts I have queued up is getting ridiculous. I have started a handful of posts, only to finish them half way and get caught up in something else. It’s starting to give me anxiety. Hoping to change all of that in the coming weeks.

So, what’s new? This weekend was a GREAT one. For many reasons. Friday night was spent at Wildcraft in Culver City with a group of my girl friends from college. Two were in town visiting and we got together for dinner and drinks. Not only was the wine and food delicious (pappardelle, short rib bolognese, thyme, olive oil, grana padano – need I say more?) but the service was great and so was the company.

I also got to check off some things off my #25in25 list! Now, the next one was an honorable mention for the list but I did it! I chopped off A LOT of hair! Check out the before and after pictures — (more…)

Recipe // Late Summer Salad

Summer Late Salad

We’re a little under 3 weeks until the first official day of fall. So, it technically is late summer. I suppose. Am I the only one going back and forth between seasons? Beach days vs. sweater weather. My head is yelling, “Hold on to Summer!” while my heart is screaming, “Scarves! Boots! Cold weather! Pumpkin everything!!”. I can’t make up my mind but I think I’m leaning towards fall…

I can make up my mind about this salad. I’ve made it once before this past holiday weekend, which means it is really an all summer salad. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and tangy. The nectarines paired with grilled corn and toasted vinaigrette is mouth watering. Make it before the grilling season is over! In less than 30 minutes you’ll have a side dish so good there won’t be any leftovers. You will not be disappointed. (more…)

September Calendar //

Sunflower Calendar

Hello, September! This photo was from a Montreal trip with the Boyfriend. We had visited the Jardin Botaniqueย and had a wonderful time. I am realizing now, I never shared those pictures. The sculptures and flowers were really somethin’ else. I’ll have to share those with you all soon. Anywho, it is one of my favorite pictures so, I decided to make a desktop calendar with it. It’s my way of holding on to summer for as long as possible. Even though, I’ve had quite the internal debate as of late. Part of me is ready for fall weather and everything that goes along with it (patiently waiting for cooler temps so I can thoroughly enjoy this). At the same time however, I’m not entirely ready to say goodbye to warm beach days and the sun setting later at night either. I suppose I can’t have it all. The Roommate says I need my own planet, which may be the only solution. So basically, there is no solution.


Sunday’s Best //

Sunday's Best //

Knowing you have one more day to your (long)weekend is a great feeling. This past week was a normal work week with a lot of runs sprinkled in. I’m officially one month into my half marathon training. I’m feeling confident with where I am at right now. I’m finally back into the “I actually like running. This feels good” mindset. This weekend is Fiesta Hermosa so, there are LOTS of people in our tiny beach community. It’s actually a fun time to people watch, look at the vendors and listen to some live music. A dear friend of mine came up to visit yesterday and I showed her around. It doesn’t hurt that the weekend weather has turned out to be perfect. I plan on getting some more relaxing in this weekend, catching up on my Feedly, and doing just a little bit of work. What do you have planned?

While you’re thinking about the rest of your weekend plans, here are some links I’ve been reading this week: