Holiday Tablescape Ideas //

Holiday Tablescape Ideas

We’re in the double digits in December. And in a few shorts weeks we’ll be ringing in a new year! Even though I’m saying it, I still cannot believe it.

But here we are! Holiday parties have commenced, homes are decorated and smelling wonderfully of fresh trees and garland, and I’m playing Christmas music A LOT. I am one happy girl.

While the Beach Palace won’t be having any holiday parties before Christmas, I wanted to share these lovely holiday tablescape ideas. It’s always nice to have a few ideas up your sleeve for when the time comes. (more…)

Thoughts for a new week //

thoughts for a new week // (more…)

Interior Envy // Using Maps as Decor

framed maps // copper accents
Before I start getting into Christmas decor and decorations, I wanted to share this idea. I’ve been seeing maps as decor more and more lately. There’s a certain wanderlust effect of having maps on your walls. Whether it’s a map of your favorite city, a world map as an accent wall, or a gallery of maps in the same shade, there’s a style that can fit in any home.

My love of copper is no secret so, it isn’t too surprising that I was drawn to the photo above. Pair copper accents with a NY and Paris map, a city I already enjoy and one I would love to visit, and it’s a done deal. I’m also partial to the gallery wall of maps in the same shade of yellow.

Check out a few ways to use maps as decor:


WTRMLN WTR // summer in your mouth

WTRMLN WTR // summer in your mouth

Over the summer when I was in NY, I walked by this tiny shop with bright pink walls and a black exterior. This “shop” was wide enough for a fridge and long enough for really only one person to be comfortable. There was a sign out front that read “WTRMLN WTR: Summer in your mouth”. I was intrigued. (more…)

Thoughts for a new week //

Life is short

And so is this work week! 3 more days until good food and good times with family. I can already taste the sweet potato pie I’ll be making again this year. Here’s to a quick and productive (short) week!



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